Investors are hungry
for the global AI market

January, 2023

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Investors are hungry for the global AI market

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been making headlines for years as one of the most exciting technologies in where growth continues to get bigger and bigger. An artificial intelligence gold rush has begun in 2023 even though it is not clear how the technology will affect the economy as a whole.

Many recent generative AI models promise to automate tasks previously thought to be within the realm of human creativity and reasoning, from writing to creating graphics to summarizing and analyzing data.

The field of AI is a computer science that attempts to stimulate characteristics of human intelligence or senses such as learning, reasoning, and adapting. Compared to newborn babies, which lack the ability to learn independently and are dependent on information given to them, AI is like a machine that can think outside its code. Machine learning allows AI to do this.

Every day use for AI

Many companies have showcased their Artificial Intelligence to the world. For example, Google uses the voice typing command on our phones. Many advanced computer systems are used in some new homes - for example, a computer system that enables a homeowner to switch on the lights, control the sound output, open the curtains automatically, and turn on the shower from remote devices.

Those who have a TESLA car can attest that Artificial Intelligence is already here; this is because of the techniques a car uses. A driver assistant feature while driving, the car has the ability to sense when the driver feels sleepy; this is because it has sensors on the seats and facial sensors.

Investor look towards AI companies

Artificial intelligence seems to be Wall Street's number 1 topic this year. As the biggest tech companies embrace AI, investors are rushing to buying up the most promising artificial intelligence stocks. Here are some of the biggest names in AI;

  • Nividia supply the majority of hardware for all AI
  • Microsoft and Amazon are investing heavily
  • Alphabet Goolge AI division are a huge innovator in AI
  • Tesla has been using AI in its cars for many years
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