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Vine Strategy Anti-Money Laundering Policy checks

Have you previously ever been the subject of a bankruptcy proceeding, receivership, or similar financial action?
Do you maintain an account at any other futures commission merchant, introducing broker or Broker/Dealer?
Have you ever closed a financial account with an unsatisfied debit balance at a commodity or securities company?
Have you ever been in a legal dispute, arbitration, or reparations action related to a commodities or securities account?
Is this a hedge account used for the purpose of reducing risk in connection with the conduct or management of a commercial enterprise?
Are you an "affiliated person" of futures commission merchant or of an introducing broker registered under the Commodity Exchange Act or of a broker/dealer registered under Securities Exchange Act of 1934?

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Know Your Client (KYC) Anti Money Laundering (AML) (Required *)

A valid proof of identity and a proof of current residential address will be required for those person(s) where transactions are being conducted. This prevents harmful actions under the Anti Money Laundering Act 2002. Documents required are;

  • Identification * - Current Passport, National ID or Driving Licence.
  • Proof of Address * - Telephone or Utility Bill, Bank Statement, Lease Agreement

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