Intel to go public with Mobileye

December, 2022

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Intel to go public with Mobileye

An Initial public offering from Intel’s Mobileye company, a market leader in autonomous driving solutions, unlocked value for Intel shareholders.

Mobileye is expecting to generate over 30% more revenue by the end of the year compared to last year. Earlier this year, Mobileye shipped its 100 millionth EyeQ® system-on-chip, unveiled its production robotaxi, and began testing autonomous vehicles in multiple cities around the world.

The IPO details

With the full support of Intel’s board of directors, the IPO created a separate publicly traded company and will build on Mobileye’s successful track record and serve its expanded market.

Intel will remain the majority owner of Mobileye, and the two companies will continue as strategic partners, collaborating on projects as they pursue the growth of computing in the automotive sector.

Since Mobileye was acquired by Intel four years ago, the company has experienced substantial revenue growth and achieved numerous technical innovations. The company has also made significant investments in order to solve the most difficult scientific and technology problems in preparation for autonomous driving at scale.

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