Meta & Nvidia research collaboration

February, 2022

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Meta & Nvidia research collaboration

Meta Platforms, formerly known as Facebook, is leveraging A100 GPUs from Nvidia and will purchase a total of 16,000 NVDA GPU units.

Meta working with NVIDIA to Build Massive AI Research Supercomputer

Meta’s AI supercomputer host the worlds largest customer system. The new GPU units will deliver Meta researchers cutting-edge AI performance and features . The AI Research Super Cluster (RSC), announced recently that it is already training new models to advance AI.

When the super computer is fully built, Meta aims to use it to train AI models that could advance fields such as natural-language processing for jobs like identifying harmful content in real time.

It’s the second time Meta has picked NVIDIA technologies as the base for its research infrastructure. In 2017, Meta built the first generation of this infrastructure for AI research with NVIDIA. Meta’s early benchmarks showed RSC can train large NLP models 3x faster and run computer vision jobs 20x faster than the prior system.

Artificial Intelligence market

Artificial Intelligence is a top emerging technology and is currently reshaping the global economy and national security. The global AI industry is thriving. In 2022, AI global funding doubled to almost $67 billion. Each year, more and more companies and governments worldwide adopt AI solutions. 

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