Vine Strategy focus on
rare earth market

June, 2022

Vine Strategy


Vine Strategy focus on rare earth market

Rare earth materials have become something of a gold rush as demand for scarce materials grows year on year.

Vine strategy advisor's have been keeping an eye on this market and are aiming to stay one step ahead and be able to inform their clients on this growing and relatively new market.

As demand for electronic vehicles increases, the requirement for materials needed in the development process also grows. Rare earth materials are a major contributor to the modern batteries included in the majority of new technology that is released. Most households now have a phone, laptop or even vehicle that uses rare earth materials such as lithium.

What are Rare Earth Materials

Rare earth elements can be divided into light or heavy rare earth oxides and are important raw materials for modern high-tech industries.

Light rare earth materials are mainly used in permanent magnets and glass ceramics. Medium and heavy rare earth materials are mainly used in phosphors and ceramics which are used by the aerospace, military and defence industries.

From the perspective of product market applications, it is mainly metallurgy, rare earth permanent magnet materials, catalytic materials, hydrogen storage materials and others. Among them, rare earth permanent magnet materials are the most important application.

Major Players in the Rare Earth Market

The research covers the current Rare Earth market size and its growth rates based on 5-year records with company outline of key players/manufacturers:

  • Cmre Ltd
  • Shenghe Resource
  • Rising Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd
  • Grirem Advanced Materials Co., Ltd
  • Tungsten Corporation, Ltd
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