The Vine Strategy guide to
renewable energy investments 2023

July, 2023

Vine Strategy


The Vine Strategy guide to renewable energy investments 2023

Investing money in renewable energy is great for the future in more than one way. You are securing your future financially and securing the planet from climate change effects.

By 2050, about half of global energy production is expected to come from renewable sources such as wind, solar power, hydrogen and other sources. That shift requires huge amounts of energy investment. Big corporations like Shell have already spent about $2bn since 2016 on investing in renewable energy. Institutional investors such as major pension funds are also putting vast amounts of money into the sector.

Is renewable energy a good investment?

The world needs more green energy to replace fossil fuels as an energy source. And strong demand tends to make a good case for energy investments such as wind and solar power. However, there are other factors that determine whether backing renewable investments is the right decision. These include the health of the economy, regulation and policies. When the global economy is strong, demand for power soars and its price grows. This means that the value of companies producing power begins to rise. 

Why invest in renewable energy?

These are some of the strongest reasons for investing in renewable energy from different sources:

  • It is ethical and offers the opportunity to invest in line with your values.
  • The sector is at the forefront of technological development and shows research that is leading to lucrative breakthroughs in increasing generation capacity.
  • It benefits from worldwide government support, including pledges from many countries to reduce their carbon footprints – requiring greater use of renewable energy.
  • Renewable energy could boost the economy by creating jobs in rural areas and lowering fuel imports.

How to invest in renewable energy

There are several ways to invest in renewable energy. These range from buying shares in individual companies to investing in funds where the returns replicate the performance of a specialist stock market index related to clean energy.

Some of the possibilities for investment include direct investment in renewable energy projects, investment in exchange-traded funds, buying renewable energy stocks and the future of renewable investing.

If you are interested in learning more about the topics mentioned, there are many resources available online. You can also talk to a financial advisor who can help you with any questions. Please contact us using our Online Form